You could reasonably expect that Brigham Hill is named after its founders. In fact, we occasionally get calls asking for "Ms. Brigham" or "Mr. Hill." They can’t come to the phone, though, because they don’t exist.

Brigham Hill is actually derived from the name of a hill in Norwich, Vermont, which is just across the Connecticut River from Hanover, New Hampshire. It is a special place for our founder, Linc Eldredge, because his family’s property on Brigham Hill was an important part of his upbringing. As he developed the idea of starting a search firm, he adopted Brigham Hill as a neutral name under which dedicated consultants would work as a team rather than as appendages of the founder. It also encourages our staff to focus on client service and mission instead of the interests of a single person.

So while you won’t talk to "Ms. Brigham" or "Mr. Hill" if you call, you will be in contact with a person who has a sense of ownership in the firm and a desire to serve the not-for-profit world.



"View from Brigham Hill"

Norwich, Vermont
Painted by Paul Sample, 1971

The above painting represents -- with some artistic license -- the Eldredge family property as Paul Sample recreated it in 1971. If you look in the lower right-hand corner, you will see a stand of trees that has become our logo.